How Do You Treat Others?

You know, I once read somewhere that you can’t expect people to change. You have to change and people will change in response to that. (That is, if they are capable of changing.)

I saw a post on Facebook recently where someone was venting out their feelings about how others treated them. My thoughts immediately went to how I was treated by that person and it’s sad to say but it seems like, finally, that person could see that it really just sucked to be treated like that.

Nobody is entitled. We all have to respect others to be treated with respect. And sometimes, even if we do treat others with respect, we still might not be treated nicely. I know there have been times where I haven’t been the best person but I try to acknowledge that mistake and apologize. It doesn’t mean I get an apology in return or that the people I am dealing with will respect the fact that I acknowledged that I was wrong.

That whole saying that “Treat others how you would want to be treated” is so true. But can I just say that it really sucks when you do it and the other side doesn’t adhere to the same policy? I honestly can say that that is one of the most frustrating things for me. I wish everyone played by the same rules.

How many of you believe in karma? The idea of “what goes around comes around”? I want to but then, I feel guilty wishing harm on anyone else even though I probably had to deal with being hurt at some point because of them. But, sometimes, that’s the only way we can get through it.

I’m sure a lot of the negative treatment is based on the selfishness, greed, and really, just plain insecurities. And it’s definitely interesting to see if the other person is even aware of what they are doing. Do they do it deliberately or is it just instinctive? Is this what they do to survive?

I hope to be someone who can be in control of my reactions to however I am treated. I hope to be able to treat others in a good way. And I hope that that gets me the respect I want to have.

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