Sometimes, It Gets Rough

I made a to-do list on Sunday night, Monday morning, I jumped right into it, crossing tasks off left and right. By Tuesday, I was just happy to get through the day.

So what happened?

Life happened. Kids happened. Exhaustion happened.

These last 2 days were some of the roughest days I’ve had in a while. (I might always think that but that’s the way I’m feeling.) I did laundry on Monday for myself and the kids. It’s been sitting in baskets unfolded since. I planned meals for the week and grocery shopped on Monday. Tuesday night’s dinner wasn’t great and we went out today because I was so overwhelmed with everything that my husband made the call to take a night off and just do what we needed to do.

I’ve needed to catch up my volunteer projects and long awaited tasks. Buying my daughter some new ballet shoes has been on my task list for at least 6 months now. There’s no telling how tights her current shoes actually are.

My kids are another crazy part of my life. As much as it’s fun, it’s hard. It’s just really hard. My baby has not wanted to get into his carseat for the last 3 days. It’s a 10 minute battle to get him strapped in. Tonight, no one wanted to sleep. We had the kids ready for bed by 8. No one fell asleep until 10. And I’m not talking the “I’m not sleepy, let’s play and have fun” attitude. I’m talking the “I’m actually tired but am going to fight sleeping every single second until I’m too tired to actually stay awake” attitude.

I can’t get the tv headset to work.

I binge eat the hidden candy from Halloween.

I feel worn down and tired and just blah. I’m in my mid-30s feeling super crappy about how I look. I’m still working on losing baby weight. I set myself back quite a bit when I try to watch what I eat.

There are just days that are rough. There’s nothing to be done except getting through and hoping the next one is better, hoping you feel better.

I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone.

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