Technology vs. People

My cousin posted the below article a few days ago.

It did get me thinking about our use of technology today. How many of us have to be so entertained at all times that we are always playing games or scrolling through Facebook on our phones? I found myself doing it this past weekend while away with my husband. And hated myself for doing it.

We made a decision yesterday to actively not engage with our technology while in the presence of others. We could only look up things on the internet if it was to research something we were already discussing but only to look up that point. It forced us to really talk to each other or sit with each other in silence. We want to learn how to not depend on technology as an alternate form of friendship.

A lot of us do this. We put so much of our lives out on social media that we forget that these used to be pieces of information shared with people through interaction. We don’t actually have to talk to anyone anymore and we still feel like we have friends and can still know what’s going on in the world at any given time. We use technology to distract ourselves instead of putting ourselves out there. I know I would rather sit on my phone than have to take the risk to talk to a new person. I’m not comfortable just making small talk. It’s definitely easier to ignore someone. And my phone helps me do that. I really need to learn how to talk to someone new again.

I’m not saying that technology is all bad. How can I when I use it to put my own blog out there? What I am saying is that stepping away and taking breaks from it may not be a totally bad thing. Learning how to sit with ourselves or even others in silence might help us to really be at peace with ourselves. The art of conversation will once again be something that we know how to create.

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