Do ever just see something or feel something and know you have to get involved in it? Are you able to have a vision about something way before it’s even a possibility? 

Doesn’t it feel good to feel that strongly about something? 


It’s something a lot of us have regarding something and when we feel it, suddenly, we are alive again. I feel that way about dance. I especially feel that way when I hear a song and can start envisioning what the dance will look like before I ever start actually working on choreography for it. I start feeling a strange sort of pull and excitement that gets me totally energized to start working on this vision I have in my head. 

It’s an amazing feeling when your heart, your passion pulls you to what you should be doing. It drives us, it motivates us. It makes us feel like we’re doing what we were put on earth to do. 

So today, really feel the passion you have for something. Immerse yourself in it. =)

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