LA Chicks

I was out at a dinner with a few girlfriends yesterday and one of them brought up the fact that she was being favorably compared against a typical LA girl. Meaning the person making the assessment was telling her that she seemed so much more down-to-earth and not as fake as the typical LA girl can be. I’m not sure if this comparison was based on a South Asian Indian LA girl or just LA girls in general.

I thought it was worth bringing up though because I was born and raised in LA. I’ve never lived anywhere else (except for 2 years in college until I realized I’d never be happy anywhere but home). Am I that typical LA girl? What does this typical LA girl look like? There is obviously some stereotype out there about us but I’m honestly not sure what it is.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about this mysterious girl. I’ve heard about this girl chasing men based on the things he has and not the type of person he is. I believe this girl also is not exactly the nicest to her fellow women. She’s self-centered and believes the world revolves around her but doesn’t realize that she tends to make it about herself. At least, that’s what I think.

If you know anything else about these LA chicks, please do share because I’m not a 100% sure who they are. It could be that if they are full of drama, I walked away from them on my own because I couldn’t handle it. It could be that it’s just a stereotype that someone created a long time ago and isn’t really a reality anymore.

I just feel a bit sad in the fact that I am categorized as an LA chick and that’s a bad thing. As far as I know, I don’t fit the stereotype. I also wish I wasn’t judged on where I was raised or how I dress or what you think you know about me.

Some of us are still pretty normal. I think.

One thought on “LA Chicks

  1. Andy Ray says:

    Nice write-up. Food for thought. I always found it funny when fellow Indians I knew, after getting material wealth in U.S. – they felt they achieved the ultimate… But some lost their soul along the way…Lost their ‘Hindu’ Kul, Pariwarik ways, Parampara etc… And God forbid if they were also really good looking…

    Anyway, I have equated so many of our adopted ways in the West [US and UK] and Uganda / Kenya. Esp the ‘transition’ of those from East Africa to the West, I think I could write thesis. [That doesnt make me right, mind you].

    I believe that we have to stop ‘Overly’ [way too much] judging our fellow Indians. We are all from different family backgrounds. I do believe our Indian girls / women tend to go way out of their way to look, act and sound American. They will be three times nicer to a white person!

    For me that is the drama I dont need in my Life – and I walk away.

    best rgds, andy

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