I made the decision to quit my job and venture out on my own. So, during the time I am training my replacement, my posts will be a little bit more inconsistent. I’m excited about this new adventure and looking forward to a new chapter in my life.

I am hoping to use this time to instigate some discussion from those of you that read this blog.

Today, I want to find out what is the greatest risk you took and how it paid off. It’ll be an inspiration for me as I move forward.

One thought on “Changes

  1. VS says:

    The greatest risk I took was to quit my prestigious job in India and moved to America. We came here twice before our final move in 94. It was due to my wife that I decide to move. My application to take premature retirement was rejected by the authorities twice and finally I had make a false plea and with help from my superiors under whom I had served made me quit. Which I believe it paid off to the extent that I could give my Son better opportunities in life. I am proud to say that he did avail those opportunities in a right way. And this move paid off well for everyone of us.
    Another risk I took in life was to join army for which my brother wasn’t in favor of, he being in army. But it paid off well and I achieved much more than expected and have no regrets at all.

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