The Power Struggle

We live in a world of competition. From the time we are born, it’s all about where we fall compared to everyone else. It’s about how to get ahead and who earns more money and who gets the most credit in life.

But does that make us happy?

Whenever I have been in a power struggle or a competition, I feel miserable. I feel like I’m forcing myself to be someone I’m not. I like doing my best but because I want to and not because I feel like I have to prove something to others.

In the business world, it seems as though in order to succeed, you have to be in full control of everything. You can’t share information and you can’t be open and honest to move forward. I’m hoping this isn’t true because then, things becomes about the individual and not the company as a whole. I think the same thing applies for individuals and the community. The more we try to keep control over certain things, the more we hold back from growing something incredible. We have to trust that our belief and hard work will be noticed and understood.

I wonder if this power struggle comes from insecurity. Is it that we want to know for a fact that we have done something or achieved something? Is it that we need validation that we are important and mean something to someone somewhere? What makes us need such complete control over everything?

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of fighting for a place. I just want to do what I have a passion for and do my best at it. And if I’m lucky enough, it will make a difference in the world.


2 thoughts on “The Power Struggle

  1. Monish Subherwal says:

    Great thoughts!

    My advice: Process not progress. We live in a society that does not believe sitting is productive and being #1 is the best thing (how we achieved it does not matter as much). And not be productive or #1 is a bad thing.

    People who believe in meditation believe that sitting and not doing anything is very “productive.” That there is big need for not doing anything at all.

    In order to be at ease — focus on process rather than progress, focus on HOW you do something. Are you at peace when you are competing? If so, that is healthy. If not, why not?

    Take a look at this letter by Leonard Nemoy (yeah kinda nerdy but I think you’ll enjoy the Star Trek references!). One of the good remarks he made (next page of the website, scroll down):

    “He decided he would live up to his own personal value and uniqueness…He replaced the idea of being liked with the idea of being accomplished. Instead of being interested in being popular, he became interested in being intelligent. And instead of wanting to be powerful, he became interested in being useful.”

  2. Monish Subherwal says:

    I just wanted to add: that power, the need to get ahead or be better than others or get a pat on the back (ego) — needs to be replaced with the desire to be someone of value, who helps others and is useful (self esteem).

    Selfishness (ego) is why we suffer. Dedicate your actions to a higher purpose or helping others — and you’ll find more energy and a lot less fear. The need to be #1 disappears.

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